When you build it, they will come.

Being starting a new business, opening a new retail shop, launching a new product or entering a new market, many companies fall into the field of dreams with the faith that they (customers) will come, and lo and behold.. it remain as a dream.

Too many companies that I came across spent bulk of their budget and effort in decorating the shop front, producing product packaging and free gifts in welcoming customers, and not enough in creating awarenes and the compelling reason of why should they (the customers) be there.

A successful marketing should first and foremost focus on creating the wants and the many why’s surrounding it.

  • Why do they want the products/services?
  • Why do they want to buy our products/services instead of alternatives?
  • Why do they want to buy from our shop instead of others?
  • Why do they want to pay the price we asked?
  • Why do they come?

A successful marketing starts with asking the right questions.

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Published by Freeman Tan

Managing Director, aspire360

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