The world is changing, but we are still running business as usual

If you are still running your business operations the same way as you did in the past years, or if you have not step into the digital wagon, chances are you felt the pressure that you have to do something. But should you?

It doesn’t take much to convince someone or a company that they need to automate their operations or reengineer their processes or replace their existing IT system. Chances are, companies would have already feel pressures internally or externally to do something. The question immediately follow is; what system? Should we get an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a SCM (Supply Chain Management), etc.

The real questions we should ask is why? what? and how? in that sequence.

  • Why do we need to change?
  • What changes do we need to make?
  • How are we going to make those changes?

Technology is an enabler to change, it is not the change itself. The real change comes from being able to identify the problems, find the right solutions (which likely are a combination of changes in human behavior, technology and processes) and implementaion of the solutions.


Published by Freeman Tan

Managing Director, aspire360

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